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  1. Taxi: CKS Airport —NTOU, the fare is approximately NT1500.
  2. Taiwan Bus Corp.: CKS Airport — Taipei. There are bus lines from CKS to Taipei. Please check the information below.

    Note!(If you want to take the cheaper transportation): When you arrive in CKS Airport, you can take the bus to Taipei Main Railway Station and then take the trains(43NTD) or the bus bound for Kungkuan Station (45 NTD) then to Keelung Railway Station.
  3. Taxi Taipei
    It is very easy to call a taxi in Taipei city. The fare will be shown on the meter in the front. Please be aware that there is a special night time (23:00-06:00) extra fare: Approximately 20% higher than the original fare. Below is a helpful taxi label handed to taxi driver. (click and print)

    The Map and address of NTOU:

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    National Taiwan Ocean University

  4. Keelung Railway Station
    When approaching to the Keelung Railway Station, you can take a taxi or the bus to NTOU. The taxi fare is about 150 NTD, and the bus fare for each adult is 15 NTD.
    NOTE!(If you take the bus):You can take the bus No.101,103,104,105 to NTOU at the bus main station of Keelung located 500 meters front left of the Keelung Railway Station.

  5. Riding Kuo Kwang Express from "Keelong-Taipei, Keelong-National Nursing, Keelong-Chong Lon(Kuo Kwang-Chong Lon Station), Fu-Ho Express(Keelong-Sin Dian)"

    Kuo Kwang Express: After arriving the Keelong Terminal.  You will see the Keelong Railway Station in the front located by the Keelong Harbour. You can take a taxi to National Taiwan Ocean University. (The fare is around NT$110-120.)  Besides, you may take buses No. 101, 103, 104 at the Keelong Bus Station beside the Railway Station. At present (2009/08), the buses fares are: NT$15 (Each adult).

Passengers taking Kuo Kwang Express from the North Station "Taipei-Lo Tong, across Coast Freeway", "Taipei-SueYue` across Coast Freeway" could get off at the National Taiwan Ocean University station.


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